Summer Was Your Present To Me


I know that I don't feature
In the future that you picture
That you'll go on without me
And you'll find someone new

For just a little longer
We put our broken hearts together
Hoping maybe we could find
A way to keep this dream alive

Oh, I had it all planned out
But things don't always go the way that we hope
I don't have the answer, why it has to end this way
All that I know is that the world just
Keeps spinning aorund us

Summer was your present to me
I never will forget the miracle you gave me
Oh, I cherished you with all my heart
Why did we hide our feelings in the dark?
Oh why, oh why, oh why
I know you felt it, too
True love, true love

My memories return to
Back  inside that clasroom
The breeze sweeping through
And in the corner was you

The way the wind blew your hair
You know, I never could do anything but stare
At you, 'til I fell in love with you

And when we walked together
I always felt like I was walking on clouds
I took it for granted  we'd always be side by side
But I was blind to think we'd last forever
Nobody knows the future

Summer with you here next to me
I wish I could have found the words to say how I feel
Oh, two hearts that beat in perfect tune
Why did we have to see goodbye so soon?
Oh why, oh why, oh why
I don't know what to say

I didn't realize it, 'til we were out of time
It always goes this way
I'm lost in all these feelings
Twisting inside me trying to break free

Now I'm dreaming all on my own
Left to spend the autumn alone

Pare, 10 Oktober 2015 (c) Jundina Syifa'ul Mujahidda

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