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Marriage is different for everyone. There are no one cookie-cutter formula to make marriage work. But there's one thing that every marriage need - and that is a strong commitment to never give up. We shouldn't give up on each other. Communication is the key to solve any problems in marriage life. We need to continously learn about each other's feelings, emotions, struggles, even dreams and talk it out. We need to meet other people, or couples, to inspire our love life that could lead you to a long and happy marriage

that’s the theory.
I don’t know the reality coz I am not married yet. many books that my aunt give me to read hmmm actually she borrowed for me. I haven’t read these books coz I am not ready now and maybe then. I don’t care what people says, what people asks “When?when?with whom?blah blah blah” . Most of my friends have married, (actually) I really don’t care, honestly.
Right now, what I do really care are my works based on my Time Zone. 
Yeah, I want to do what can i do now before i (probably ) married or DIE, later.  
I want to travelling so far away, working as engineer, reading many books, painting, drawing manga and publishing book from drawing manga or writing story (haha in your dream), watching anime ‘til late, writing in tumblr , blog, any social media, so it kinda piss me off when someone said if i was too vulgar for writing on social media. what’s wrong with that? plenty of people do it to do so.  No affectations in it.  I shall be honest right?  than pretend good and soleh/solihah, later get the person like pretend also.
I am kinda of an otaku. so, what does people think aboot otaku? freak?weird?
Therefore i want to learn to change, hmm actually not change in particulary but reform to be better person that Allah may loves me a lot and my husband-to-be-that-can-not-be-named-coz-still-unknown frequently-and-its existence     not in shock and be glad to or..... 
Say, If...
I just say what If He probably similar to me and he realize my dreams with him, together, maybe I....... 
Hahaha in your dreams. But, who knows?
With Allah swt, all things are possible. :)

Malang, 17 March 2017 (c) Jundina Syifa'ul Mujahidda

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